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The girl who was my elementary school girl friend just got engaged and I’m sitting here single wearing a pug shirt and hamburger underwear

Just remember, u r someone’s dream girl

I’m a boy

Tumblr has made us forget that some people are actually straight

I’m gay

jesus this post is one train wreck after another


Did anyone else notice that Marlene King (PLL showrunner) sons Atticus and Emerson featured in the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars?!

This isn’t the first time her sons have appeared in Pretty Little Liars. Attitcus and Emerson appear in the episode ‘Know your Frenemies’ where they encounter Toby in the street. Also Attitcus appears in the Season 2 Halloween where Alison and Hanna are baby sitting him!

i thought they looked familiar


Wouldn’t it be magnificently dreadful if the last ever episode of Pretty Little Liars ended with Ezra typing on his laptop and just writing ‘The End.’ So it would turn out that Rosewood was just a fictional place that he created in his head and none of it was ever real, he then goes and sits to have dinner with his family in his comfortable, warm home. Then there is a flash of a blonde haired girl in a red coat running by the window..


dont do that to me!

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